Hot matures in Denmark ky

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May 1 — September 12, Schindler House. For information on how to visit Autonomous Deplease go to our Visit. Opening in MayAutonomous De presents the work of seven contemporary Danish artists, deers, and architects at the Schindler House on Kings Road. Functional, practical, commercial: terms long-associated with the applied arts are too often misperceived as a hindrance to the creative process.

These seven deers explore ever-evolving questions of authorship, autonomy, and intention in their multifarious practices. Artist Bios. This can be seen in their ongoing work, Museum of Nothingwhich exists as a series of departments installed in institutional contexts: most recently Department of Voidsat the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, and at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen. Cecilie Bendixen, Sophus Ejler Jepsen b. Cecilie Bendixen is an artist and architect drawn to natural phenomena. She poetically explores the way in which essential dynamics can be captured by her sculptures through different materials and methods.

Sophus Ejler Jepsen works with concrete in a landscape- and vegetation-sensitive process, applying the improvisational construction principles of the adventure playground building-playground to the formwork and in-situ casting.

She applies this interest whether Hot matures in Denmark ky with companies such as Skagerak and De Within Reach, clients for interior projects, or with objects for exhibitions. His works are created at the intersection of profound craftsmanship and poetic resonance, creating vibrant spaces around them. In a poetic universe of balance and suspense, Kjeldgaard explores and communicates aspects of nature, such as friction and gravity, in the process of making. His objects hide nothing, and rather lay their inner workings bare, available for decoding. Margrethe Odgaard Margrethe Odgaard bornDenmarka textile and color deer, applies herself to the sensual quality of color in the surface.

With her intense focus on the interaction of color, material and space, she aims to become clearer about how we as humans experience and emotionally connect with the world around us. Intrigued by the notion of the dialogue, MBADV often focuses on abstractions, like idioms, functional hybrids, and on the aesthetics of materials and form in relation to surrounding spaces — all created with attention to the crafted detail. M Tolling and The M Men bring a fun and exciting program that is as nostalgic as it is contemporary, with reimagined classic songs from s television, film, and radio.

In addition to his illustrious career as a performer, M Tolling is also an active composer and educator, creating work on his original albums and leading masterclasses and workshops throughout the U. M Tolling Website. M Tolling Facebook. Naverne is an old organization for well-traveled journeymen from Scandinavia, with clubs in many countries, also in the USA and Canada. We meet every 2 nd Friday of the month at our Club House in Monrovia. The Naverettes is an associated ladies organization, meeting 2 nd Wednesday every month, Hot matures in Denmark ky for Bodil Olsen.

Naver News from Denmark Naver - Denmark. Los Angeles Naver Club Newsletter May Newsletter. March Newsletter. December Newsletter. November Newsletter. Telephone - Arne Olsen Arne B. - arneblan pacbell. Our Church Services are now both Virtual and Live! We hope you will us for Live Streamed Services on Sundays at 11 am or watch the services later on Facebook or our Website.

We are open for in-person worship again!

Hot matures in Denmark ky

As of June 15 we may gather without any restrictions. We do encourage you still to be cautious and considerate.

Hot matures in Denmark ky

Please come and worship with us in our beautiful church! We continue to live stream our services Virtually every Sunday at 11 am. July 4 Prerecorded 4th of July Message.

Hot matures in Denmark ky

No Service in church. July 11 Sunday Service at 11 am. In person and Virtual. July 18 Sunday Service at 11 am. July 25 Sunday Danish Service at 11 am. Summer Camp Starts. August1 Sunday Service at 11 am. August 8 Sunday Service at 11 am. Semi Annual Meeting after Service. Telephone - - info danishchurchsocal. He is best known for starring on the radio series Dr. Christian — and in the film Heidi Vice President from until his death in He was a speaker at the July 4, Rebild festival.

Hersholt appeared in two of the first short films of Danish film studio Nordisk Film in 19 06, but did not find much success in his early years in Denmark. The ensuing moral panic and outing of several prominent men as homosexuals eventually involved Hersholt then Buronwho was reported to the police. He admitted to prostitution and was sentenced to 8 months in prison. He emigrated to the United States inand the remainder of his career was in America. If ever there was a Great Dane in Hollywood it was Jean Hersholt - and one of its great hearts as well.

Hot matures in Denmark ky

He was from a well-known Danish stage and entertainment family that had toured throughout Europe performing with young Jean as an essential cast member. He graduated from the Copenhagen Art School and continued expanding his stage experience and evidently decided early that he wanted to work in films.

He did just two very early silent films in Germany. Hersholt emigrated from Denmark to the US while still a young man in Like many another European he came to America to seek further opportunities. He moved on to Hollywood in where the future of silent movies had taken the lead.

He started as a movie extra then progressed into small feature player roles from through For that latter year he had no less than 17 bit parts.

Hot matures in Denmark ky

By the s his roles were substantial feature pieces, but most of these were as villains - in fact, a concoction of really vile characters. His theater experience serving him well, he played them so well that he much sought after by directors. Several of his s films were landmarks of the silent era, an early one being The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse which helped propel Rudolf Valentino into the stellar heights.

Hersholt became popular and well paid. And certainly his ature silent role was the lead character of Marcus Schouler in the Erich von Stroheim great film Greedbased on the novel McTeague. Stroheim, who spent far more time in front of the camera as an actor, was already well know as a task master and perfectionist director. He went through 42 reels of film for the picture - a numbing nine hours of screen time shown only once at that length in a private studio screening.

He cut the film to five hours, but it was further whittled to a bit over two for release, causing Stroheim to quip bitterly of the editor, "The only thing he had on his mind was his hat! Stroheim's need for realism resulted in the climax of the movie to be shot in Death Valley.

Still hot in Hot matures in Denmark ky fall time, Hersholt endured like a veteran but required a hospital stay after sweating away 27 pounds. Fortunately into the later s Hersholt's roles expanded into a more realistic balance of characters-more virtuous roles - but still some shady fellows and especially the unsuspected, and thus surprising, guilty party in the ever popular murder mysteries. He worked for Samuel Goldwyn for about a yearfor Paramount from throughand several other studios during the period.

By the end of the silent era, including those early primitive part mono features with small bits of audio music, sound effects, or dialog, Hersholt was a tried veteran of 75 films. His first all mono sound film was The Climax and despite a Germanic accent, he had a pleasant, mellow voice and a camera friendly presence that ensured him continued success. Busy with nine movies inhe also moved into people's living rooms on radio as well during that year. Of course, for some time Hersholt was a mature actor-simply meaning he had many secondary roles as doctors and professors and nobles of many sorts and increasingly he appeared as benign fatherly types.

Father roles of the 20s continued into the 30s - augmented with grandfather roles as well. He was the father of Sonja Henie in that charismatic champion ice skater's first Hollywood film One in a Millionand he is perhaps best remembered as the embittered but deeply caring grandfather of Shirley Temple in the beloved Heidi But it was another role as a doctor that would provide a continuing vehicle for Hersholt and something of a fateful direction for the actor.

Hot matures in Denmark ky

The mids were abuzz with the births of the Dionne Quintuplets in Canada. Hollywood jumped on it with usual alacrity, highlighting the story and the officiating obstetrician, Dr. Dafoe, who was translated into Dr. John Luke, in The Country Doctor Hersholt brought the right ingredients to the part of Luke and two years later a sequel followed, Five of a Kind Hersholt thought the character good medicine all round and was enthusiastic about a series of movies, but Dafoe himself blocked this idea.

Nevertheless, in Hersholt had already germinated a new radio series to continue portraying a dedicated and kindly small town doctor. For a character name Hersholt turned to his most beloved author, his countryman, literary light Hans Christian Andersen, for a name-Dr.

Hot matures in Denmark ky

Christian films These latter and a few other films would mark the end of Hersholt's film career, but he was so very busy otherwise. His familiarity with Andersen was a scholarly avocation and labor of love, furthered by enthusiastic collecting of a library of important Andersen editions and related bibliography which would later go to the Library of Congress.

His English translation see Trivia below of the Andersen corpus of fairy tales including his addition of several other Andersen stories from the author's private papers remains perhaps the most comprehensive and best effort-even more so for Hersholt personal interpretation of Andersen. Hersholt would also write several articles about Andersen and edit The Andersen-Scudder-Letters Among other literary pursuits Hersholt also co-wrote a novel based on his Dr.

Christian character.

Hot matures in Denmark ky

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Hot matures in Denmark ky