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Council meeting quickly fizzled into a comically tense environment after frustrations overadapting to parliamentary procedures gripped the new, fresh-faced student council. OSHPP Associate Director Carol Rogers put on a presentation about sexual harassment and assault, listing both the traditional and nontraditional ways in which one person can sexually harass another. After the presentation had finished, A. Watson — most notably that the Student-Run Television station, which has been down for months, is finally back on the air.

Regarding the proposal to allow alcohol at Triton athletic events, Khanna said that Watson is still opposed to the idea, but that he was going to continue to push the issue. According to Silva, a federal mandate requires that the university handle complaints of sexual harassment, assault and battery that involve UCSD students regardless of location, but there is debate as to whether this should also extend to offenses against property and those committed against non-UC students. Somerset Maugham is famously quoted as saying.

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President Harry Khanna would be wise to listen to him. As defined in the proposal, tradition events are those that have existed for at least 10 years, and have consistently attracted at least people each year. When he ran for president, Khanna promised to revamp the arduous funding-request process for all student organizations. Instead of doing that, his current proposal simply attempts to exempt a category of events from the headaches, leaving the underlying problems unaddressed.

In justifying trimming federal student loans by billions of dollars earlier this year, Capitol Hill Republicans pointed to a ballooning national debt. Bush approved the extension of lower taxes for capital gains and dividends; essentially, tax cuts for the wealthy. The juxtaposition of the two issues is striking: In general, most agree that wider access to higher education and lower taxes contribute to economic growth. Indeed, every argument used to justify extending the tax cuts applies equally well to financial aid and explains why it makes Sex 1288 - adult personals page sense to keep interest on student loans low.

When the financial aid bill moved through Congress, this board urged lawmakers to take a pragmatic stance. Though we knew that higher interest rates on loans would hurt students in the short-term, we also understood that the alternative was paying off a different debt down the line — one of the national variety. Though low taxes may boost the economy now, higher interest rates that accompany growing debt will hurt the economy for years to come.

A nation that cannot afford financial aid certainly cannot afford more tax cuts. Garcia may have poured his heart into making the film he served as director, producer, actor and composerbut it has opened to mostly negative reviews. It is an epic story, but its overextended storyline and vapid characters have kept it from achieving greatness. Fellove is ambivalent about politics until both of his younger brothers rebel forces in the Cuban Revolution.

One Nestor Carbonell becomes a member in a small revolutionary group that attempts to overthrow the Batista regime. The film, shot in Dominican Republic is chock-full of scenes that feature the exquisite Caribbean landscape. Garcia unabashedly admits that his film is a love letter to a culture lost in Cuba — the pre-Castro era when Havana was a vacation hotspot with glamorous nightclubs, exotic beaches and an innovative music scene.

Garcia was able to attract long-time friends like Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray to the cast. The wretched puddle of a networking Web site, MySpace, has been in the news a lot lately. And the popularity of MySpace — 40 million users and counting, gee golly!

Or, rather, their mere existence sickens me. Want to know why MySpace is a crappy idea? Want a red-on-pink layout? Sure, you got it! Want your text to be point Papyrus?

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Hells fucking yeah! There is a reason why successful Web deers only make up a select portion of the population. Most people have the de sense of half of a dead swan or, on a good day, a half-dead swan. Secondly, MySpace is a crappy idea because it appeals to year-old scenesters, attention whores, pedophile bait and generally just really annoying people who have nothing interesting to say. Call me old-fashioned, but if you are vapid, please keep it to yourself. And secondly, when I do poke around on MySpace, my eyes and ears tend to start bleeding simultaneously.

Lacks Social Skills a window into the world! In practice, however, it has no social value. The best thing about the Internet is that we all had such lofty ideas about how it could be used. Behold, the Internet! A vast repository for information and entertainment; a low-cost way for anyone to communicate with anyone else, physical location be damned; a great way to shop, to be entertained, to learn something.

Reality: The Internet is a vast repository Sex 1288 - adult personals page hardcore pornography. Myth: The Internet can connect humanity through chat rooms, specialized Web sites and forums and networking sites. Reality: The Internet is a favorite method of pedophiles to stalk children. Myth: The Internet can help people explore their interests by finding like-minded communities of chess lovers, opera nuts, champion knitters or whatever their passions are, no matter how obscure.

Reality: The Internet can help me get a free couch if I play my cards right on Craigslist. Myth: The Internet is a great educational tool; every student should have Internet access. Reality: The Internet is the reason your 9-year-old cousin is in trouble with the police. Myth: E-mail and instant messaging are great ways to communicate with your friends and loved ones all around the world. Reality: E-mail and instant messaging are great ways to put off studying, hit on your suitemate without moving from your chair and send your friends links to a video of two pit bulls humping.

Myth: The Internet democratizes information and gives everyone a soapbox. Reality: The average person is ill-informed, practically illiterate and thinks a blinking background for their blog is the coolest thing ever it is not.

Sex 1288 - adult personals page

Reality: Yeah, it is pretty rad. Myth: The Internet is a way to show my talents in poetry, art or Harry Potter homoerotic fan-fiction to the world! Reality: Your shit sucks. Myth: The Internet can connect you with long-lost uncles, classmates and friends. Reality: The Internet can connect you with lots of funny pictures of ugly people, some of whom you might know in real life. The Tritons finished with a record, a season that has not lived up to past successes, but on May 20, the team left the regular season behind, as old and new players gathered to play their second annual alumni game.

While this exhibition game was for fun, it was clear that no one wanted to lose. Both teams refused to ease off, even after a couple of minor injuries. Sophomore scrum-half Alexis Volen, who bruised her knee, described the pregame trash talk. The Tritons sent out a very young team with little rugby experience, while the alumni featured several All-Americans, including a player for the national team. These great players scored first, fast and often for the alumni team.

The current UCSD team tried its best to make a little noise of its own, but its older opponents were too fast and too aggressive. But in the end, the alumni won in blowout fashion and the young Tritons learned a thing or two about rugby. Alumni player Mari Wallace, who graduated inhad no problem dishing out a little more trash talk after the game.

But injuries to older, experienced players like captain and fly-back Marea Blue, led to inexperienced players getting immediate playing time. By the halfway point of the season, five seniors were injured, and the Tritons lost their last three games to end the season. In their last two games, the players still had opportunities to win, only losing because of a few mistakes here and there. Both Blue and Smith expect to be back at that level with the help of solid play by senior 8-man and captain of the forwards Jill Duggan. And recently, the U.

Because you know the success belongs to both the coaches and the staff. However, no one expected the type of dominant performance the lady Triton team put up at the CCAA championships. The women typically have higher GPAs and better test scores and they apply on time, and the guys tend to be not as good at that, so it really affects our recruiting. Once we get the men here, we do a pretty good job with them, but the challenge is just getting them in the school.

But, since the event is different in many ways from some early season games, anything can happen, according to Salerno. It took points for us to win conference this year and it only takes 53 or so to be second in the nation, so anything can happen. The ideas may be worthless, but the tactics employed by such groups are worth pointing out so that future charlatans and snake oil salesmen will lead harder, more brutish lives.

As disparate as they sound, two such groups, intelligent-de advocates and Palestinian apologists, share much in common. Intelligent de, a thinly veiled offshoot of Christian creationism, has been in the news a lot lately, due to a federal court hearing in Dover, Penn. Its purpose is to provide political cover for creationists of various stripes as they try to supplant science education with religious indoctrination. Palestinian apologists, veiled or not, perennially take up Library Walk as they did on May 15 to propound the misdeeds of Israel.

Their purpose is to dislodge American public support for the Jewish state, and ultimately to supplant the state with an Islamist one. Both movements begin their pitch with an unfounded equivocation of their position and the established one. Proponents of intelligent de portray evolutionary biology as a scientific field at an impasse, filled with boring and bewildering theories, while offering intelligent de as a tantalizing alternative.

Publicly, they would offer that both are valid alternatives for scientists to consider. Palestinian apologists portray Israel as a fat, ruthless state propped up by American aid while depicting Palestinians as a gigantic refugee population Sex 1288 - adult personals page from its homeland. To moderate their position, they argue that both nations are worthy of a hearing in the court of international justice.

Privately, each movement sees its own side as the legitimate one, while evolution or Israel is the usurper. Once any sort of dialogue is established, the veil of moderation drops and equivocation transforms into direct accusation. Once the notion of a legitimate and vigorous debate is established, both Palestinian apologists and intelligent-de advocates blitz their audiences with overarching philosophical notions and incremental distortions of fact.

They might also delve into statistics about the of Palestinians killed in some connection to Israeli military operations, or present s of houses being demolished by Israeli bulldozers. With either group, when one angle fails to provide a Sex 1288 - adult personals page line of conversation, the other is taken. In the grandest sense, the claims of both groups are false.

Palestinians would live happy lives as bakers, farmers and mothers if only the Zionists would allow them to return to their homeland. Intelligent-de theorists would have blossoming careers in biomedical science if only the Darwinists would allow them to express their ideas in scientific literature and the mainstream media. Underneath these claims lie appalling motivations. Neither group could bear the responsibility, whether to conduct real science experiments or to govern a real nation, were its victim status ever removed. The leaders of the intelligent-de movement and the Palestinian authorities have thus declined generous offers of aid, regardless of how badly it was needed.

Between andthe Templeton Foundation gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund university courses and research on intelligent de, but gave up after receiving no specific research proposals. The fact that intelligent-de advocates and apologists speak unanimously while their opponents may have varying opinions makes a clear case for science. Science admits controversies and sometimes entertains mistaken notions, but overall better theories are advanced through further experimentation.

Intelligent de advances no testable claims and therefore admits no controversies. Obviously, one battle is American and intellectual while the other reflects an ethnic war raging halfway around the world. But even the proposals made by each side to resolve either conflict bear notable similarities. The radicals start with equivocation and close by asking for equality, which they see as a method to eventually dominate their opponents.

Moderates on either issue, however, want separation between science and religion, between Israel and a Palestinian state. With a knife, he cut the flag into pieces and proceeded to smear mud all over it throughout his lecture. The act steered his class Sex 1288 - adult personals page a debate that provoked both uproar and support. But what Biernacki successfuly conjured was student reaction. But activism is not new to UCSD. The campus was home to massive protests in the s, including rallies for civil rights and protests against the Vietnam War.

Bond even recalls a time when Urey Hall was shut down during one protest and the campus came close to having a student-police confrontation. He died as a result of his actions. Not only were students more involved in those turbulent years, but professors were also active participants during protests. Herbert Marcuse, a renowned philosophy professor from Germany, spoke at rallies, inspiring a of people, including former UCSD student Angela Davis, a member of the Black Panthers and a well-known radical feminist and activist.

According to the documentary, some saw Marcuse as a threat and Ronald Reagan, the governor of California at the time, tried to terminate Marcuse from his position at UCSD. Then-chancellor William McGill, however, denied the request and Marcuse remained teaching until his retirement.

Sex 1288 - adult personals page

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