Looking for a lady to stimulate my mind

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Since that time, the G-spot has remained the subject of scientific and sexual controversy. Some females report experiencing immense pleasure from the stimulation of this spot. However, others have reported frustration from their inability to find it, or from the belief that they do not have a G-spot.

However, it is important to note that people who cannot find the G-spot or who do not want to try to find it can still enjoy gratifying and pleasurable sex.

Looking for a lady to stimulate my mind

Some people report that the stimulation of this area causes them either to ejaculate or to produce much more lubrication than usual. Others say that it offers a more intense orgasm, or makes it possible to orgasm from vaginal penetration.

Looking for a lady to stimulate my mind

Some females cannot find the G-spot, or do not believe that they have one. Others find stimulation of the area painful or unpleasant. Some report that the G-spot offers a different form of intense pleasure that they do not get from other forms of stimulation.

Different people report slightly different experiences with the G-spot. However, almost all say that they feel the sensation on the inner top wall of the vagina. The spot is about 2—3 centimeters inside of the vagina. Some people report that the area feels bumpy when they touch it, or that they have to push very hard on the area to feel it. Others say that they sometimes feel a need to urinate when touching this area, likely because it is under the bladder.

As a result, it may be helpful to use the bathroom before searching for the G-spot. Finding the G-spot requires some trial and error. To improve the odds, people can try the following:. For most females, the most sensitive and important erogenous zone is the clitoris. Most females require clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

Looking for a lady to stimulate my mind

For some, stimulation of the G-spot may indirectly stimulate the clitoris or its roots, which extend into the wall of the vagina. Some females also enjoy stimulation of the breasts or nipples or prefer certain types of stimulation on the clitoris or in the vagina. Open communication and a willingness to experiment can help with discovering new erogenous zones and new sources of pleasure. Instead, healthy sex is about finding what works best for each partner. Open communication during and outside of sex can help improve the experience for everyone.

People interested in finding sexual positions that stimulate the G-spot while maximizing the chances of an orgasm could try one or more of the following:. Scientific literature on the G-spot has not produced conclusive or consistent data. Some study papers — most of which have male authors — insist that the G-spot does not exist, and that females who claim to have a G-spot are misinterpreting their own experience.

A analysis of the scientific literature about the G-spot did not find consistent data supporting a G-spot or identify a specific and consistent location for it.

Looking for a lady to stimulate my mind

The study did find that most females believe there is a G-spot, however. The researchers surveyed 1, female twins about their experiences with a G-spot. However, the researchers controlled for genetic influences and did not find that twins who shared more genes were more likely to report having a G-spot. These findings suggest that other factors play a role in whether or not a female can find the G-spot or identify a specific spot as their G-spot.

However, this conclusion means discounting the opinions and experiences of the majority of female study participants. A article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine highlights the conflicting opinions of several experts. One expert argues that the region can be variable among females, potentially explaining why some are able to find it while others cannot.

Others assert that the G-spot simply does not exist. Most scientific studies have failed to locate the G-spot consistently. It is unclear whether this is because the spot is hard to find or because it does not exist. Given that a large of females consistently report having a G-spot, however, studies that claim to have disproved its existence may be reaching an unnecessarily certain conclusion too soon.

The G-spot will likely remain a controversial topic due to the difficulties that come with measuring and interpreting reported experiences of G-spot pleasure. People interested in exploring the G-spot do not need scientific research to prove that their experiences are valid. Equally, people who cannot find their G-spot do not need to keep searching for it. People can still enjoy pleasurable sex without the G-spot. Partners should communicate openly, discuss their plans and goals, and then choose the strategies that work best for them.

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Looking for a lady to stimulate my mind

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Looking for a lady to stimulate my mind

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