Ladies seeking nsa Naval academy Maryland 21402

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This history, authorized by the Class of Foundation, contains information gathered in preparation for our 40th reunion and updated periodically thereafter.

Ladies seeking nsa Naval academy Maryland 21402

We mention names where appropriate, and leave them out where privacy warrants. We have purposely not attempted to document extensive classmate accomplishments or tell individual sea stories. That project is described later in this history. Comments or feedback on this Class History are welcome to Todd Creekman ccreekman verizon.

Our combined SAT scores were the highest of any class from the time that data was required for admission consideration until Of 5, applicants, 1, had been selected for our class. But our class consisted of 1, men that summer: 1, new admissions including 81 who reported between 1 and 9 July17 men who turned back fromand 7 ex-midshipmen who were re-admitted into our class. We added 9 more men who were turned back during our time at the Academy, and two of the ex-midshipmen re-admitted to our class were advanced to the classes of and Thus our maximum possible class size was 1, The summer of found many of our contemporaries headed for college, where co-ed student bodies, Vietnam War protests, long hair, and all sorts of personal and academic freedom would contrast sharply with what we were about to experience.

We were soon to find out that we were not headed for a college, but an academy—with a mission to produce officers ready for combat. Before we donned our new uniforms we had already been "issued" our regulation haircuts, raised our right hands for the oath administered by commandant and World War II combat veteran Captain Sheldon H.

Kauffman Class of as he welcomed us aboard with the admonition that "It is vitally important that you be given the opportunity to prove under pressure that you are men in the best and most comprehensive meaning of that word, and that you are capable of leading your fellow men in time of war. Their comfort, not ours, was clearly a major objective of our plebe year. Mary A. Despite our best spirit efforts at many "spontaneous" plebe pep rallies, including some "over the wall" ventures into Annapolis, the football team went We beat arch-rival Maryland for the last time and hoped that Ladies seeking nsa Naval academy Maryland 21402 in our first experience with the legendary Army-Navy game would give us a chance for a winning season.

Alas, we only tied Armyand had to settle for a traded cadet cuff link as our only solace as we made the miserable three plus hour bus trip back to Annapolis—with no chance for "carry-on" until Christmas that a win would normally entitle plebes to enjoy. Besides Navy sports, our other source of excitement was the prospect of female social contact. Billy Graham delivered a Christmas sermon at mandatory Chapel worship on Sunday, 12 December and the following Friday we had our first USNA Christmas dinner complete with "Chateau Imperial" fake champagne as a proper send off for our first real leave away from Mother Bancroft since June 30th.

Despite the irreverence, it was proof of our service to the nation that we were proud to wear along with pistol and rifle qualification ribbons and medals. Earlier in the week we celebrated "no more plebes! After classmate Gerald T. Witowski placed the cap atop the monument, we knew in our hearts and other miscellaneous aching body parts that we had definitely had a plebe year—probably the last REAL plebe year.

Ladies seeking nsa Naval academy Maryland 21402

Wearing dungarees with our blue-rimmed "Dixie cups," we experienced the toil of enlisted men in the fleet, carefully accomplishing such daunting practical factors tasks as "Locate and Grease Boiler Feet. Returning to USNA in the fall ofwe became, by tradition, full-fledged youngsters when we sighted the Chapel dome. During our third class year, we watched and listened to the melodious tones of the "pachooka machine" pile driver as the diggers and fillers worked on the construction of Michelson and Chauvenet Halls where tennis courts had been.

The football team went 4 and 6, and we lost to Army. On the bright side of Navy sports, the squash team won the national championship and Navy lacrosse, after 7 straight national championships, ended the season in a three way tie for that title with Maryland and Johns Hopkins. We watched the Class of not have a plebe year compared to oursbut were happy it was them getting all the attention and not us! Breen in the receiving line. Second Class summer found us enjoying the far-flung and exotic training locales of Pensacola, Florida for aviation, New London, Connecticut for submarines, and Little Creek, Virginia for a unique and generally wet Marine Corps experience.

Second class year was notable for many things. During the decade of the s and beyond, the Academy administration dealt with the composition of the 36 companies of midshipmen in different ways. For our class, our company integrity stayed intact, but we were required to shift companies as a unit at the end of our youngster year. So as new second classmen, we found ourselves in a new wing of Bancroft Hall with different company officers, upper classmen and lower classmen. It probably built character, somehow.

More important, once we started the academic year, we were officially committed to the Navy, with no more chances to re and go off to another college free of financial or Navy service requirements. So we all had important decisions to make as our futures became more inevitable. With all that as an undertone, we started the year with an exciting football seasonas we beat Penn State, Michigan and Syracuse—and lost to William and Mary at homecoming!

Nonetheless, all was forgiven by a rousing win over Army the only N Star varsity football win during our sojourn at the Academy. Dodo died in March and was memorialized in the Congressional Record! In April, our Class Policy Committee assembled and submitted a proposal for modifications to many of the Academy policies we would soon be helping to implement as first class midshipman and brigade leaders.

We Ladies seeking nsa Naval academy Maryland 21402 plenty of attention or more accurately, grief for our efforts, but saw no substantive changes during our remaining time at the Academy see Class Policy section following for an in-depth treatment of the proposal. We received our first intimation of graduation when we ordered our very own class rings. The rings arrived well before the scheduled June Week Ring Dance, but we were prohibited from wearing them until that dance, under threat of being "fried" and earning demerits.

Nonetheless, we enthusiastically and surreptitiously slipped them on to accumulate at least 69 illegal hours of wear, proudly tabulating our accomplishments on company charts deed to challenge our leaders. So it was with a great deal of pride that we finally finished up the academic year with our drags dipping those class rings in the waters of the seven seas at the Ring Dance. As new firsties we set off for our summer cruises as junior officers in training, embarked in combatant ships operating around the world, including off the coast of Vietnam.

Meanwhile, leadership changes were occurring from top to bottom back at the Academy. Calvert also Ladies seeking nsa Naval academy Maryland 21402 of Rear Admiral Heyworth remained commandant through our graduation the next year. One thing they did have was the requirement for all of them to complete a major to graduate—the first class to do so since the academic major program was introduced. Our class had to complete a minor in one of 26 academic fields by the time we graduated, and many of us completed a major by meeting extra academic requirements.

Computers, as we were introduced to them in Ward Hall, tended to be IBM giants that depended on our accurate production of stacks of punch cards from our programming efforts, which were then dropped off at the computer center to be run and picked up later when the computations were complete—or more likely incomplete requiring a rework of our programming effort and more cards! A new bit of freedom was the ability to cut a class if an "A" grade was maintained. The football season was admittedly disappointing. The Air Force game was doubly agonizing because many of us took busses or trains from Annapolis to Chicago.

Then we had to contemplate our defeat while dealing with the somewhat uneven female companionship opportunities at the post-game parties followed by the interminable ride home. He was replaced by Coach Rick Forzano. Our eagerly anticipated, last Christmas leave period was preceded by an unexpected visit to USNA in early December by the Amir of Kuwait, who revived a long-standing tradition of awarding amnesty to all classes for minor offenses, cancelling extra duty and restriction, and restoring class rates.

Service Selection Night in February gave us all a sense of what was to come, and Hundredth Night reminded us of what we had endured to get there. Our June Week from 29 May through 4 June was a glorious celebration of our four years along the Severn, typified by an ecstatic dip in full dress uniform in the Library Assembly Area pool after our last P-rade.

On graduation day we heard words of wisdom from Secretary of the Navy John H. Chafee, received our diplomas including the first ever deated engineering degrees at USNAtook our oaths as officers, tossed caps into the air, had shoulder boards and inia installed by mothers and sweethearts, saluted and enRiched our Anchorman— and ed the ranks of Naval Academy alumni. During our four years at USNA, starting with that maximum of 1, men, we lost classmates from our ranks.

Philip B. Schwab and Edward D. Sharp died in July and October respectively and they are remembered with other midshipmen who died during their Academy days on a plaque in Smoke Hall. That translates to a Marine Corps.

Ladies seeking nsa Naval academy Maryland 21402

Five foreign graduates returned to their countries for service and five men were not physically qualified for commissions. None of us asked to be commissioned in the Army, and two classmates who submitted letters to transfer to the Air Force were shown the error of their ways by heavy-handed chain of command pressure, and withdrew their requests! If those midshipmen, upon completion of ased summer work, met all requirements for graduation, they graduated in a small ceremony in Memorial Hall attended by family and friends. Those graduates were then inserted into the class with an Order of Merit OOM based on their final record over four years, one month, and one day.

After the August graduation, the final for the Class of showed that W. Craig McClain, Jr. Two classmates who were killed during the Vietnam War were awarded the Purple Heart posthumously. Ketchie, USMC posthumous. Peppin, Jr. Waitt, Jr.

Wright, Jr. Barden, Jr. Though the pilot survived and was rescued 4 days later, there was no indication that Scott ejected and survived, so he was declared Missing in Action. The Secretary of the Navy approved a presumptive finding of death on 5 March

Ladies seeking nsa Naval academy Maryland 21402

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