Belgrade boy lf casual relationship

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Many men have visited both countries out of a desire for adventure and females alike. However, no two cultures are the same, and the differences between Serbian and Ukrainian women are not to be glossed over.

Belgrade boy lf casual relationship

Serbia is a Southern European nation of 7 million. The rest of the country is mostly villages, with the exception of the small town of Novi Sad. The country is rather inexpensive, and the majority of Belgrade is vastly more developed than most of Ukraine.

Serbian culture is a combination of Eastern European and Mediterranean influences. Elements of both cultures are visible in practically every aspect of Serbian life.

Belgrade boy lf casual relationship

Ukraine, on the other hand, epitomizes real Eastern Europe. While most people will visit Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv and even Kharkov are well worth a visit. The country is huge, with 30 million people living there. Sadly, Ukraine is also the poorest country in Europe aside from Moldova, and at times. At times, it can really start to look like a third world country when compared to Serbia. Most expats find that they generally spend the same amount of money living in both places.

Both countries are recovering from Communism, after all. Food and housing are slightly cheaper in Belgrade than Kyiv, but consumer costs for virtually everything else in Ukraine are dirt cheap. Naturally, these cultures are going to breed two very different types of women.

Belgrade boy lf casual relationship

Of course, both have their own sets of advantages and faults. Appearance-wise, Ukrainian women are Serbian women are relatively similar with a few key differences. The first key difference you will notice in Serbia is that women are darker in both hair and skin tone.

Serbia is in the Southern part of Europe and is not that far away from Italy, Greece, and the entire Mediterranean. As a result, Serbian women can often look similar to Italians or even Spaniards, particularly when tan from the summer sun. Ukrainian girls, on the other hand, are sometimes more genetically gifted in the first area than in the second.

As much as I love Ukrainian women, many of them can have awkward, skinny little bodies that, despite perfect hair, makeup, clothes, camera angles and Instagram filters, can occasionally be a little bit underwhelming. Side note: If you Belgrade boy lf casual relationship to have a more detailed look at some of them, check this website out. Furthermore, while a Serbian girl may have a seriously nice figure, she may be a little bit taller than a Ukrainian girl. Serbian girls are, for the most part…tall. But, if you prefer tan-skinned brunettes that are a little more bodacious, Serbia is definitely worth looking into.

To be completely fair, you can find your preferred physical type in either country if you look hard enough. My good friend in Belgrade once imparted a classic piece of wisdom that could only be shared in a rare moment of honesty after a few shots of rakia. It perfectly explains the difference between the Balkan mentality and the typical Eastern European way of understanding life and relationships you find in Ukraine. Serbia is a very living country! When he told me this, he was practically screaming it at me in Belgrade boy lf casual relationship loud, crowded Rock club in the middle of Belgrade.

This included both men and women. Some people were dancing in a rather hilariously awkward way, but nobody cared. Everybody was perfectly in the moment, hands in their air with hips gyrating, screaming their lungs out to songs in a language they may not understand. They all had plenty to drink, but nobody is being particularly aggressive with each other. These same people will probably sit around talking for hours afterward, smoking cigarettes and having a laugh, and only exchanging goodbyes when the sun finally comes up.

Also: smoking is legal almost everywhere in Serbia. Get used to it. The music will, almost certainly, be cheesy Top 40 dance music played at an insanely loud volume where nobody can hear each other talk at all. Of course, the girls will have to start dancing first, and only then will the men be reluctantly dragged into it also. Everybody will be relatively quiet until the men get ridiculously drunk off of vodka, at which point things will start to get a little rowdy.

Two men may get into a fight. One guy with a smoking hot girlfriend will just sit there all night, saying absolutely nothing. Everyone will go home at AM. To put it simply: Serbians are a very lively group of people. Belgrade is a great place for making friends, and Balkan men are very talkative, sociable, and engaged. Hotter climates tend to breed more charismatic personalities, and Serbia is no exception.

Do you find yourself to be naturally sociable, outgoing and charismatic? Each of these traits is important when picking up the average Serbian woman. The most successful pickups I noticed involved clear, physical escalation early on in the interaction in addition to a rather talkative, chatty demeanor on the part of the man.

Or, are you a more chill, laid back type of guy? Ukrainians are far more soft-spoken. Both types of women appreciate straightforward, masculine traits. In the end, this is very much going to depend on your own personality. Some guys myself included, at times will find the Balkan culture exhausting. On the other hand, a more outgoing guy may find Ukrainian culture to be cold, robotic, and boring.

People can be turned off by your excited nature in conversation. A general tepidness to new people can send mixed als about where you stand with them.

Belgrade boy lf casual relationship

He often tells stories about traveling throughout Europe and South Africa, is inquisitive about the lives of other people, and is a genuinely good listener. Danny has amassed a large group of Serbian friends, who introduce him to girls pretty constantly. He believes it, too. Serbian girls like Danny because he is charismatic, outgoing and has a large group of friends.

Jack lives in a luxurious apartment in Kyiv and Belgrade boy lf casual relationship a bit more of a homebody. He enjoys going on coffee dates, trips to wine bars, and of course, going for walks. He enjoys every minute of it. While Jack may only have a few real friends, he regularly puts himself out there and meets girls everywhere he happens to be, taking the chance to turn any interaction into the potential for a new date.

Most Ukrainian people would agree, and see Danny as being sketchy at best, and annoying at worst. Jack is the kind of guy who does very well in Ukraine. Jack would have to work on his social circle game, become more of a conversation starter and give himself permission to be a bit more outgoing. In either case, both men are enjoying each culture and definitely getting laid, and are clearly in places that are well suited to their personalities. Speaking of getting laid, there are a few nuances of getting physical in both countries that you should be aware of when comparing the two.

In fact, traditional is not really something that comes to mind at all when thinking of Serbian women. Case in point: my first time in a Serbian nightclub, I was introduced to a gorgeous, cm Serbian girl who we will call Alessia. She was out with a few friends, and a mutual acquaintance introduced us.

After a standard hello, one of her male friends remarked at how I have quite a muscular chest. I had just left the gym an hour earlier, it was hot, and I was wearing a t-shirt that was a size too small. Typical for me. She walked right up to me, looked me in the eyes, and put her hands on my waist. I returned the gesture, led her over to a table on the side of the club, and we immediately started making out. It was here that the charisma had to come into play, entertaining her and keeping her interest for the next hour before we bounced back to my house. But seriously, in all my years of living in that country, majority of the guys and I have never been mauled by a girl in such a direct manner.

Go figure.

Belgrade boy lf casual relationship

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